Should You Buy Facebook Likes and Twitter Follows?

Should you? Depends on what you're after.

When I was just building my author profile on Facebook, aside from family and some friends, I had around 200 likes. For someone who wanted her posts to reach as many people as possible, it was a pretty dismal following. So, I went to Fiverr to see what they were offering there, cause I remember seeing some gigs related to FB likes.

FIVERR GIG - "I will guarantee 300 U.S. Facebook Likes on Facebook and bring traffic to your site!"

Aha! Just what I need, I thought. Traffic from the U.S.! So, I bought the gig. (I was new, ok? Don't judge! ^^) For $5, I gained around 300 Likes like the seller said. I checked the profiles of my new "Fans" and found American names, but they certainly didn't look American!  More like the United Nations. I got my Likes though, they delivered, but did I really want them if they were not going to help in CONVERSION? They were useless numbers. Good only for aesthetic purposes during times when you want to fool yourself into thinking that you have a lot of followers. 

Another way of buying FB Likes is through sponsored Facebook promotions. Let FB promote your page and pay a minimum. Choose your target audience, etc etc. I figured, it's an official FB promotion, surely the Likes would be genuine? I got another 100 likes or so after a couple of paid promotions. So were they genuine people? I really doubt it. The most views I've gotten on a post is 200+. The rest of my 600 friends have probably moved to Mars where there's no WIFI yet.

If you want to get more FB  Likes or Twitter followers, by all means pay for them if you need to. But don't ever think that it will affect your reach or sales. It's merely for show.

They're just dummies. There's no one at home on those accounts. Not one of those numbers care.

Auto-Likers proliferate the web. There are programs that can auto-Like and even auto-comment. What the comment will be about, I can't imagine. But, they're there. Be careful though cause most of them are sure to be spyware. 

Buying FB likes and Twitter follows is fine. You're an adult, you know what you're doing. What makes it unethical is when people start selling their capability to promote BECAUSE of their number of (fake) followers. Promising conversion and traffic when they know that won't happen. You see these sellers around, right? "We will promote your book to 1M of our Twitter followers and 2000 FB fans for $5 a day!" It sounds really attractive..... if only it were true. Don't fall for it.

Check out their real reach and influence first:

If you want to gain an audience and expand your reach, make friends, be a relevant presence, and connect with real people. You will probably gain 5 to 10 followers a day, but they would be genuine people who are interested in you and what you're saying.

100 genuine followers who are engaged with you, is so much more powerful than 1000 who are not.

I don't know why FB and Twitter doesn't remove these fake profiles or protect themselves against bots, but you can choose wisely. Save your money for something else.

Now, before you go... I'd like to invite you to connect with me on FB and Twitter. Leave me a message and I will Like and Follow you back. :)

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