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Dear Readers and Friends,

Welcome to my blog. Here, I talk about stuff that will be of interest to Self Published Authors and Publishing DIYs.

I'm deeply involved in the Indie industry. Editing, Writing, Book and Cover Design, Marketing... I love helping authors publish high quality books. Serious authors who are proud of their work.

See, I love to read. The first picture of me holding a book, I was in the crib! So, sloppy books offend me on a personal level. To me, it's no different than being served spoiled food in a restaurant. You go there with high expectations because of the hyped-up marketing, and then leave, disappointed, never to come back.

I offer so many services for self published authors that I've decided to call myself The Book Khaleesi. It's shorter... and I'm a Game of Thrones fan. The Mother of Books, The First of My Name... LOL. I think it's cool, don't you? Cocky, but cool. It fits. :)

I started out as a blogger and freelance writer. Used to be a suit before I left my day job to freelance full time... and now, I spend my time with authors and their books. If I'm lucky, I get enough time to write my own.

On Self-Publishing:

I own the The Book Khaleesi - where I offer professional and kick-ass services at affordable rates. All for the love of books. Being an avid reader, I get a buzz out of knowing that a book has been given all the pampering it needs before it's released. So, if you need some help with your book, just holler. You can inquire via email at thebookkhaleesi@gmail.com

On Writing:

Writing, to me, is an opportunity to talk about the important things. I have a tendency to write about topics that people are uncomfortable discussing in public, ummm even in private. I like naming the elephant in the room. People may not like the truth, but that's just the way it is. It won't change unless you do something different, and not unless you look at it straight in the face and say, "Hey, I know you."

I write about stuff like that. Not to whine and gripe or lecture, but to drop crumbs on the trail. If it helps someone find their way, if it makes a difference to just one life, it'll all be worth it.

I love the written word. They're like pearls of wisdom, passed on from person to person. Secrets  and stories handed down so the stories live on, rebelling against the indifference of time. Imprints of people and lives immortalized forever.


I'm happily married to my dream man. Love him to death. I have a dog named Kali who keeps me company while I work, and 3 Red Eared Sliders, Mona, Rafa, and Donna.

Love the ocean, snorkeling, reading, TV series marathons, movies and traveling. Although I'd be perfectly happy just staying at home and reading a book. Oh, and I've acquired a new hobby... gardening. Those who know me would find that hard to believe. But nowadays, that's the only break I get from work.

I hate crappy books and hypocrites. And know-it-alls who don't really know anything. I stay away from whiners and negative people.

I'm a doer and a problem solver. My life is one big To-Do list, a reason why I succeeded. I'm good with processes and I love to share what I know... to those who are interested. I'm not a problem dweller, I'm a seeker of solutions. For so many years, I've assisted company presidents and CEOs who expected results, not whining. You can blame them for my lack of.... patience. Some people think I'm snarky. That's because I hate bullshit and wasting time. Life is short and I cut to the chase.

To me, we're alive for only 2 reasons. To Love and to Learn. Everything we do should align to those two purposes. If they don't, that's ok, we're allowed to be silly sometimes. But our focus should be those two.

I'm a work in progress. I don't know everything, and maybe I will never unlock all the secrets of life. But you can bet I'll look into everything, and share with you what I learn.

Thanks for visiting and keeping me company. Feel free to look around and please let me know that you were here. See you on the comments!

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Love and Blessings.

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