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Think of the Comma as a Breath

I believe in the Oxford comma. I think of commas as a breath, signalling the reader when to pause, and to give the meaning of the words more clarity. That's the only rule which authors should remember, in my opinion.

Behind the Words with A.M. Manay, Author of She Lights Up the Dark

After reading the epic supernatural fantasy, She Dies at the End, A.M. Manay has joined my list of Indie Authors to Watch. With the release of the much awaited sequel, She Lights Up the Dark, it's time to turn the spotlight on the next Anne Rice. (They do have the same name. :))

Understanding Image Copyright and Licenses - for Bloggers and DIY Authors

There are many beautiful, professional images on the Internet, and when you need one for your post or your book or your marketing materials, you might be in the habit of downloading and using whatever pleases you.

Unknown to many, someone can sue you for using an image they own the copyright to when you post it on your blog or use it on your book's cover or on any of your designs. Even if you give them credit. Even if you alter it. It all depends on the license attached to the image.

Behind the Words with the Smart and Sexy Romance Author of Rannigan's Redemption, Pandora Spocks

Move over E.L. James and Jackie Collins, and make way for this superb erotic romance writer. 

Fifty Shades of Grey would be a better book if Pandora Spocks wrote it.

Pandora is a moderator of the Alliance of Self Published Authors. Not only is she superb in her craft, she likes helping other self published authors too. Always open to improving her work. Reason why her books are high quality. I admire those qualities... because it's rare among Indies. 

Behind the Words with Erotica Author and Illustrator Fionna Guillaume

Today on Author Spotlight, I have the pleasure of chatting with Author and Illustrator, Fionna Guillaume. (That's her on the pic.)

I had her book Amazon's Equal on my TBR for a while before I read it. If someone told me that there would be a world of goodies inside the pages, I'd have lapped it up long ago. I'm hooked to her books, not just for the stories but for her fine writing and storytelling skills.

Fionna Guillaume writes erotic historical fiction. Very rare. I say rare because it's not just about the sexual act, which is the highlight of most erotica - although, when it gets to that part.... whew. She has quite an imagination.

Doing Less and Accomplishing More

By now, you must be tired of reading everyone's recommendations. I am. There seems to be an ULTIMATE solution to everything. How to turn your book into a bestseller, how to write better, how to make money online, how to be an authorpreneur... 

If only you'll do this and learn that. Damn, the how-tos are oozing out of my ears. If we looked into all of them, we won't have time to do anything else!

But these ultimate solutions are not applicable to all, so it's ok to skip some of them for later. You know why?

How Useful are Formatted Book Templates to an Indie Author?

As a self published author without a book royalty to play around with, knowing what to spend on to publish a high quality book can save you money, and heartache.

I'm subscribed to a lot of sites that offer "solutions" for indie authors. It's my business to know about what's out there. And well... I think we need to talk about Book Templates.

5 of the Worst Traits That Keep Indie Authors From Success

For my first 2016 post, I'd like to share the things I've learned while working with authors. I think it's important to understand first what could possibly hold you back from getting closer to your goals, before you can go on and build an effective author platform.

Eeva Lancaster's Desk

Success has a different meaning for each person. For the purpose of clarity, in this article, success will mean either book sales or a strong author platform. Your books are selling OR you have a strong presence.

Best Indie Books of 2015

I was not able to finish my TBR list, but I've had the pleasure of reading some great Indie Books last year. These books deserve the spotlight. I want to thank the authors for bringing these stories to life, and for taking the time to create a beautiful book worth reading... before they published. All of these books raise the benchmark for Indie Authors and enhances the reputation of the Self Publishing industry.

Disclaimer: This list is based on my own opinions. I was not manhandled in any way by the authors. :)

So... here's the BEST INDIE BOOKS I've read last 2015 - in no particular order.

If you're a devourer of books like I am, these will satisfy your palates.

What Authors Should Know About Book Formatting - PART 2: Flowing Text or eBook Format

We talked about PDFs and fixed format in the previous article. Here, we will talk about the most widely used format for eReaders. eBook formatting or flowing text.

What Authors Should Know About Book Formatting - PART 2: Flowing Text

When your manuscript has been polished, the last step before you click on that publish button is to decide where you'll be publishing your book. On Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo, iTunes,Lulu, Google Play? Because you'll need to format your manuscript according to their individual requirements.

The only 2 eBook formats you need to know about are ePub and Mobi. ePub is the most widely used, and mobi is for Amazon Kindle.