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A Review of She Marches Through Fire written by A.M. Manay



If you've read She Dies at the End and She Lights Up the Dark, then I'm sure you've been waiting for this. I had great hopes for the finale, and now that I've read the ARC, I have to say that it was well worth the wait.

The November Snow Series is a supernatural story, complete with vampires, fairies and werewolves. Immortals and humans. Good and Bad. Supernatural fantasy fans will find enough to delightfully chew on here.

In the final book, She Marches Through Fire, November's maker is dead and she's back with her supernatural family. The refuge, Eden, is threatened, as well as the rest of the world, as William continues to gather human and supernatural creatures to his side in his great plan to control humanity.

A Crucial Step to Becoming a Bestselling Author on Amazon

Do you know of an author who doesn't want to have a bestseller?
Well, they're rare and this article is not for them.

More than the money, most authors need the validation of knowing that readers are actually reading something they've poured their heart and soul into. But if they could also earn from it, then it's a dream come true. I'm not talking about the so-called writers who hire ghostwriters and flood Amazon with low quality books. I'm talking about real writers who spend hundreds of hours in front of a keyboard, researching and writing. Arguing with their characters, almost throwing their laptops and PCs in frustration when they have writer's block. Injecting coffee in their veins to keep the momentum going. Those writers --- they dream of and deserve to have bestsellers. A book enjoyed by so many readers it reaches the #1 spot overall on Amazon or #1 in a category in their genre.


COVER REVEAL of Innocent Ride by Alethea Robertson

Alethea is new to the indie world and I'm proud to be revealing the cover of her novel, Innocent Ride, a romantic fantasy. To be released on January 23 on Amazon.

Designed by The Book Khaleesi

She may be new in the publishing world, but this is definitely not her one and only book. I know cause I designed not only this cover... but 4 others.

Editor's Review of The Lazarus Succession by Ken Fry

To date, this is my favorite book by Ken Fry, and I edited them all except for Dying Days. An ancient mystery, suspense, romance --- all here. Editing it has been a joy, and reinforces my belief in Indie authors. Fry is a formidable writer. The Lazarus Succession has more meat in it than Dan Brown's Inferno, at par and I have to say even better than Angels and Demons.

In this book, a dying countess hires a disgraced judge to find a missing painting that's supposed to be miraculous. It's her last hope. The judge hires Brodie and Ulla, the main characters, to find it for him. But he has another agenda.. he sees the painting as a chance to redeem himself to society. 

Unraveling the mystery of the Lazarus painting is the book's main theme. But the side plots are equally engaging. The struggle of the painters who had to choose between the women they love and their destiny, the desperation of the judge to take back what he has lost, the Condesa's hope that the painting can be found and for the legend to be real, and Brodie and Ulla's quest to get to the bottom of the mystery, while keeping their relationship intact.

It is mysterious, suspenseful, and a page turner.

The Lazarus Succession is a powerful and enjoyable read. It would be a blockbuster if it ever became a movie. More than the thrill, it's a book about how powerful hope and a quest for redemption can be. 

An easy 5 stars for Ken Fry. He pulled this book from the publisher because it wasn't getting the attention and care it deserved. He's right about that. 

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Eeva Interviews Lacy Andersen, Author of the Aya Harris Series

Lacy Andersen is a client of mine and I've had the pleasure of proofing and formatting her books. She's here on Authors to Watch for the simple fact that Lacy is a superb urban fantasy and paranormal romance writer. I loved the Aya Harris series and Heart of a Demon. You will too. Working on them was like taking a vacation. (Shhh... don't tell her I said that.)

I highly recommend her books to fantasy readers. Get to know Lacy and her books.

Eeva Interviews the Writer Raised by Wolves, Jim Heskett: Author of Suspense Thrillers

On Authors to Watch, I'm interviewing one of my favorite Indie suspense thriller writer, Jim Heskett.

In case you didn't know, Jim was born in the wilds of Oklahoma, raised by a pack of wolves....

Eeva Interviews Eichin Chang-Lim, Romance Writer

Today on Authors to Watch, we'll get to know more about this wonderful romance author and actress (comedian!) Eichin Chang-Lim. Eichin's book, Flipping, is an Amazon Bestseller and was given the Award of Literary Excellence by Dog Ear Publishing.

She's also an Optometrist, currently in private practice with her husband somewhere in L.A, and a devoted mother to Theodore and Victoria.

To The Gallows ---- Reviews, Amazon, and the Self Published Author

A long long time ago, in a far away land, someone spread the word that 50 is the magic number of reviews needed for a book to be promoted by Amazon, on its newsletter, and on its recommendations. More eyeballs on the book, increased possibility of sales. We all want sales, and our fervent desire to gather 50 reviews has caused a reviewing industry to thrive.

Some sell reviews for as low as $5, some as high as $60 (although this high end reviewer makes it appear that you're simply paying to expedite the review). Indie authors, and some unscrupulous business people have used this method to give credibility to the book and attract buyers.

A Review of She Dies at the End (and the November Snow Series) by A.M. Manay

There I was feeling lonely that I've finished reading Anne Rice's Prince Lestat... who knows when the next one will come... and here comes this book with an unassuming cover... She Dies at the End. So, she's psychic. OK... I started reading and whoa! This book is EPIC. I fell in love and couldn't put the book down. So Happy!

I've read many vampire books but nothing ever came close to the The Vampire Chronicles, which I absolutely love. Except this book. The characters, the writing, the world, the dialogue -- nothing is forced or exaggerated and you'll get swept into the life of November Snow whether you like it or not. It's the best fantasy/supernatural book I've read from an Indie Writer. Tight... Sharp... Good choice of words. I forgot that I'm an Editor, and that made it all the more enjoyable.