Cover Reveal of The Promise - A World War 2 Historical Romance Novel

Can promises be kept when love and dreams crumble and dissolve
as war tears lovers and families apart?

With authors Kathleen Harryman and Lucy Marshall,
The Book Khaleesi proudly present....
The cover of


How far would you go to keep a promise? 
In the heat of battle, one man's promise to another will be tested.

September 1939 – As Britain is gripped by the fear and uncertainty of war, Tom Armitage stands to gain the one thing that he never thought possible - his freedom.

Rosie Elliot sees her future crumbling to dust as Will Aarons leaves Whitby with Jimmy Chappell to fight in the war. As she begins work at The Turnstone Convalescent Home, Rosie finds something she thought she had lost. Friendship. 

But friendship soon turns to love. Can this new love replace Will?

This is not an ordinary love story.
It's a story of love, loss, courage, and honour. 
Of promises that must be kept or risk losing everything you've ever held dear.

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Out on March 3, 2019

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