An Interview with Augusta Wright, a Cover Reveal and a Giveaway

Augusta Wright and The Book Khaleesi present...

Historical Fiction | Romantic Fantasy


Raven lives in two worlds.
Her father’s Native American way and her mother's White Man domain.
Before it all ends, she has to make a decision that will impact both worlds.

Raven Ralston’s rebel heart keeps her in trouble most days. Because of her wildness she is sent away by her mother, Laura, to learn to be a “lady”. But Raven is not a lady. Even away from home, she creates havoc with her wild ways and daring choices.

Since childhood, Raven has had visions --- visions she doesn't understand. 
In her dreams, she sees a man, always in silhouette. Who is he? She has no answers.
And lately... he draws nearer.

After receiving a strange telegram from her twin brothers, asking her to return home immediately, she sets out by train for Denver, never realizing that her Destiny waits at the end of the train track.

Is she ready to face the unknown?
In the unknown, will she find the answers to all her questions?

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An Interview with Augusta Wright

What is Raven's Secrets about?

Raven learns about her secret powers along with the reader. Visions are scary for a child and she feels self conscious for being different. When she discovers she's a shapeshifter, her fears grow.

Can you describe your main character, Raven, and what you love most about her?

Raven grows up in a loving family but does not share her secret abilities with anyone. She doesn’t want to be different. When she is sent away to school, she is thrown into a world of unknowns. It forces her to grow up as she learns there are rules she should abide by. Her experiences into love and the consequences cause her to become the strong woman her mother knew she could be.

What part of the story will readers find most interesting?

Perhaps when she is kidnapped by a rejected suitor. She is abused and her unborn child is threatened, but she shows her maturity and strength in a nasty situation. She obeys him as she waits for her chance to escape.

What inspired you to write this series? Are you working on another book?

Eagle Talon was in my head and would not let me alone until I started writing his and Laura’s love story. And the other books followed with the children.

As a writer, I am always working on another book. Actually, I have several things. A Christmas story, perhaps for next Christmas, and since I recently returned from Scotland, of course, I have a Highland Scot roaming the halls of my mind!

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