Because You Know Nothing, Jon Snow...

Being humble enough to admit that there is so much you don't know, is a requisite for success... in anything... Because when you have this mindset, you are open to improvement. 

The moment that you believe you know everything... is the moment you stop evolving... 

Unless you were in the publishing or advertising business before, as a self published author, you need to admit that although you are a wonderful writer who creates worlds out of your imagination, when it comes to marketing and selling your babies - You Know Nothing, Jon Snow.

Just admit it - cause only then will things start to change.

I've been a blogger for several years before I entered this industry, and you know bloggers - we're all about content and monetizing. I spend 12 hours on my laptop every day, researching, reading, learning. I was a suit for 10 freaking years, immersed in big business. And yet, I discover something new every day. The more I know, the more I realize that there's so much I need to learn, if I want to make a name for myself in this industry.

Tell that to authors... tell them that they need to step-up their game and many will just give you excuses and continue doing whatever it was they're doing.... and then complain that their efforts are not moving the needle, their author platform is weak, and their online presence almost nonexistent.

Thankfully, there are still many who continue evolving... they're the ones who value their network, listen to advise, they are open-minded and understand the industry they now belong to - and they invest in knowledge and people.

They are usually the stable ones, the successful ones and the ones with a promising future.

I keep my eyes on these authors because they symbolize the new breed of writers in this day and age. The rest can be left with the illusion that they are God's gift to readers. Mimicking what others are doing without understanding why - and only when they feel like it.

My message to authors  - If you don't care if your books are read or not, why did you publish in the first place? You can enjoy writing without publishing. You published. It means you wanted someone to read your work. Stop pretending you don't care to justify why your author platform sucks or why your book is ranking at 2,000,000. Just stop, and admit that you don't know what to do.

It does not devalue you as a writer or as a person. It's perfectly understandable. Your skill as a writer may be a gift - but the rest, you need to learn. You're in self publishing. Finishing a manuscript is only the beginning.

I love helping fellow writers cause I understand their struggles. We are all walking the same path, with the same dreams and the same hopes... but sometimes, you just have to give up on those who don't want to help themselves. Those who just drain everyone who passes by and give nothing of value. 

Wake up... You know nothing, Jon Snow. But you can learn. You owe it to your books. Don't release them then leave them to gather cobwebs, unread. It would be such a shame.

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