Behind the Words with Romance and Chicklit Author, Suzie Jay

One of the first people I met going into my self publishing career, was this kind writer who offered to beta read my book "You're Getting Married Soon.. Now What?" Being a new self pub, I was ever so grateful that she took the time to read it and give feedback. I never forget a kindness like that.

And so today, I'd like you all to get to know a good friend, a funny and entertaining writer, and a sassy, wonderful woman, SUZIE  JAY.

So, Suz, the spotlight is on you, girl....
Why did you become a writer? Is it something that you've always wanted to be?

Hi Eeva! You know, I love writing. I have always been the chick that writes endless lists and letters and journals. I wrote long, involved stories from a very young age. I became an English teacher. In Australia, that is more about writing and reading than learning the English language. I loved the work but didn't love teaching. Almost all my school and university teachers told me at some stage, that I should be a writer but for some weird reason, I never really considered it. It's like I always surrounded myself with it but it just never occurred to me that I would be good enough. Now I have started, I will never stop. I am having the best time of my life.

Describe your writing voice. What should readers expect from Suzie Jay's books?

I think my writing voice is light, funny and a touch romantic. You will never get hot and heavy sex scenes with me, but you are sure to get bad language and daggy jokes. Mary Poppins with a potty mouth anyone?

What do you like to write about?

I love the Chic Lit style. It's what I like to read, I love the cover art, I love to write it. It makes me happy and I hope it can make my readers happy too. I also like writing for my children, it's so fun and I like to draw a little. Children's books may be something I'd explore in the future.

(** Suzie has published that children's book, Princess Matilda's Miracle which hit #1 in the Children's disease category on Amazon AU.)

If you could describe yourself in 3 words....

Funny, Intelligent and Trouble

What books have you published so far?

I have an April Fool's Day Anthology story that's FREE everywhere, 'Fools Rush In' and My Solo book 'Walk on the Wild Side: The Re-Invention of Violet Monte.' has just been released and I have another anthology set on a cruise ship called 'Love on the Seas' which will be out in June. It's been a busy 3 months.

(** Suzie has released several titles more since this interview. Check out her Amazon page HERE)

Do you have anything in the pipeline?

I have already began writing two more novels. One is a romantic story with a huge twist and the other is the story of how my husband and I met. We have a really great love story so I felt it was time to share it with the world.

What are your dreams as a writer/author?

My dreams are to make people laugh, to have at least one fan (I just think that would be so cool, I may even accept a stalker, I'll see how I go.) to make enough money to help my family and the homeless, because their plight breaks my heart... and a nice little beach house wouldn't go astray (hey a girl can dream can't she? It's okay you will all be invited for Christmas by the sea) and one day I would like to write a deep and meaningful novel that makes people think. But I doubt I will, because I would ruin it with jokes and people tripping over. Finally, I would like to team up with a charity like the Cancer foundation to finally write that fairy tale with a gorgeous, bald, little princess.

(**Yup, that would be Princess Matilda's Miracle.)

What is your message to new writers venturing into Self Publishing?

Writing can be isolating and lonely at times. Join social media and make friends. Talk to other writers, they may help you, they may give you inspiration or direction but if nothing else they will be there for laughs and understanding. The people I have met since I started this venture are my friends for life. Even if I never write another book, I will forever cherish the friends I have made. Don't do this alone, come and say hello.

Thanks for having me invade your blog Eeva. I'll be sure to clean up before I leave ;) 

Didn't I tell you she's funny and sassy with a big mouth?! Her fun and easygoing nature spills over into her writing and makes them really fun to read! Check out her blog and you'll see what I mean.... Her articles never fail to bring a smile to my face... and it will lighten your day too. Visit her blog and follow. She'll get really testy if you don't. :)

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Suzie is a moderator for the Alliance of Self Published Authors. She's one of the few who helped me setup this group. Thanks Suzie! 

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