Review of Her Master Match (Master's Men Series) by Sandra S. Kerns

Sandra Kerns is a very entertaining writer. This latest book had me engrossed in the story from the get go. I find myself shuffling between being pissed at Jonathan and wanting to help him out of his misery. I can understand how a man going through his kind of misfortunes can feel jaded and weary of other women. Will he let Nikki help him when more trouble comes his way, courtesy of his ex-wife? Will Nikki find the courage to get past her own issues to be there for Jonathan? A fast paced and romantic story, just like all her books.. with characters who will grow on you. In real life, i'd have run away from a man like Jonathan... He would've been too complicated for my tastes. But in the book, he's just crying to be saved! Save him ladies! Love it.



Jonathan Smitt has sold his house hoping the money will get him and his kids through until he can find another job. His wife ran off with her lover eight months ago after delivering twins, leaving him with three children and two infants. When Ace Masters calls asking for help with his security company, Jonathan can’t believe his luck. Unfortunately, his wife’s lover calls with a cryptic message, insinuating trouble if Jonathan doesn’t cooperate. 

Nikki Bradford is enjoying a vacation in Colorado with her best friend, Gina Masters. It’s not so much a vacation as taking time to figure out what to do since her last assignment as a nanny ended sooner than expected thanks to her meddling father. She hasn’t made any decisions yet when Ace’s friend Jonathan Smitt moves back to town and needs help with his kids. Despite a less than friendly meeting, Nikki agrees to help. Jonathan Smitt’s redeeming feature is his love for his children. His devotion to them is obvious, almost as obvious as his low opinion of women. 

Can the two of them come together to save the family when someone threatens to take the twins? Will Nikki finally overcome the self-esteem issues her father instilled in her and find the strength to help Jonathan fight? Jonathan must recover from the betrayal of his wife and allow Nikki close enough to help, but at what cost?

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