Review of The Second Breath Chronicles (Books 1, 2 & 3) by Adri Sinclair

Hidden Carmina (Book 1) 

Hidden Carmina is a diesel. As you go along, it hooks you in deeper, until you just can't stop reading! It's a fantasy with all the required supernatural characters, Werewolves, vampires, hybrids... but it's more than that. It's a story of love, romantic and family. Carmina Nightshade belongs to a family of hybrid vampires, but she's human. You can imagine how uncomfortable it is to have her around... but they take her in and contain their nature. She falls in love with Liam Moretti, a werewolf/vampire hybrid, who loves her just as much... but she causes him and his pack pain since to them she's... food! Carmina seems to be a burden to everyone she loves, being human. However, there's more to her than meets the eye. She's MORE and no one knows yet what she really is. There were scenes which made me shed a tear or two. It's a wonderful love story!

Adri Sinclair has a refreshing writing style and you just have to let her words take you where she wants you to go. There are many editing errors which can easily be corrected if one took the time, but it's still a fun, romantic and adventurous ride. I've read all 3 books of the Second Breath Chronicles. I love spending my nights with the characters.

Highly recommended read.

Carmina Revealed (Book 2)

I've been living in the world of Carmina for more than a week now.

Carmina Revealed continues the story of Carmina Nightshade. In the first book, Hidden Carmina, we all wondered what Carmina really is. Is she an immortal, a half-breed? She doesn't fit any of the stereotypes. In this 2nd installment of the Second Breath Chronicles, we finally know. Her love story with Liam continues and grows ever deeper, as they try to cope with the changing situation in The Valley and within their pack and clans.

For lovers of supernatural fantasy, this book is highly recommended. It has all the ingredients that will satisfy your weird palates (me included). From wolf to lynx to vampire to ancients to half breeds... and not the conventional kind. There is a whole world of characters in this series. The support characters are strong and relatable. One can actually create separate stories out of them. It is a fantasy adventure and a heartwarming romance. Liam and Carmina are soul bonded and their love affair is the centerpiece of this series.

The story is simply enjoyable and captivating. It deserves a 5 star. I admire how fantasy authors build these worlds in their minds and make it believable for us readers. I couldn't put the book down. I wanted to stay with Liam, Carmina and Raina and all the other characters. It's so entertaining that I can forgive the technical errors splattered here and there. Read it and enter the world of the Ancients and experience the real meaning of romance and intimacy.

Releasing Carmina (Book 3)

The Second Breath Chronicles, starting with Hidden Carmina, is a beautiful supernatural story of love. Love for family, for friends and the romance between Liam and Carmina. Fantasy and Romantic readers will enjoy the book. 

Editors would say that it is not perfectly edited and I'd have to agree. It needs polishing to make it technically perfect. However, the story alone is enough for me to overlook these errors. I just can't stop turning the pages, wanting to see what happens next. You forget that you're reading. The action is non-stop. There's always something happening and the author keeps you hooked to the story. The concept of the soul-walkers and the robust characters are my favorites. There is no character that's weak, you can relate to them all and they are all made real by the author.

I've spent these past 2 weeks with this series and I've enjoyed every minute. Looking forward to the next. Highly recommended for lovers of supernatural thrillers and paranormal romance.

My comment on the series: 

With a story so beautiful, it would have had more impact if it was thoroughly edited. As self published authors, we tend to think that the story alone will carry our book's reputation. Truth is, it reflects on our professionalism when we allow our work to be released in less than almost perfect conditions. This applies to layout, formatting and editing. While The Second Breath Chronicles is entertaining, no doubt about that... you can tell that it's self published. The 5 stars for books 2 and 3 is for the story, not book quality. If I were the Editor named on the book page, I'd be ashamed to have my name up there.

I would love to see the author republish a 2nd improved edition. Then I can RAVE about it. :)

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