Improve your Karma and Grow your Twitter Following

Karma is strong on Twitter. What goes around, comes around.... and it will determine the strength of your Twitter presence and the number of followers you attract.

We spend time on Twitter to increase exposure, reach our audience, and build our brand. To get results from our efforts, we need to have a significant number of followers (I've been told, 3000 at least). But how do you convince strangers to follow you? How do you get followers without having to buy them?

  • You have to be popular like Miley Cyrus 
  • If you don't know how to ride wrecking balls naked, you have to find other ways to catch a tweeter's short attention span
  • To catch a tweeter's attention, you have to be relevant - to their life, their happiness, their problems, their business.. to something.
If no one is following you except your friends....

You may be making the following mistakes:
  • Dead Profile - you didn't take time to create a visually appetizing Twitter cover that tells people what you're about.
  • Lousy introduction - you talk about dogs or cats, and your motto in life and other stuff that are not connected to your work as an author/writer/blogger.
  • Tweet and Run - you drop several tweets and leave.
  • Dull Posts - your posts are vague, sometimes just links, often no images
    (Sample Tweet: "Fascinating! <Link>" or "Read this! <Link>" or "I was so Amazed! <Link>")
  • Prima Donna - you don't follow back, don't bother to RT, and don't bother to thank people for spending 3 seconds of their time on you.
It's no wonder that people don't think you're worth following. You don't care.... Not really. If you did, you'd exert more effort.

How can you be an interesting and relevant presence on Twitter?

Twitterdom gives you exactly what you invest in it. That's why I love Twitter. You want to grow your network? You have to do the time. You have to make an effort to learn how to ride the wrecking ball... naked. Evoke SOMETHING in people. Arouse. Intrigue. Entertain. Help. Make your presence felt.

As an Author:
  • Your Twitter Cover should look professional and show a snapshot of who you are and what you're about.
  • Your profile introduction should describe you and what you do. Don't write scary and aggressive thoughts that shout - psycho beware!
  • Create Banners for your books and ALWAYS include an image when you tweet about your books or blog.
  • When you post, ask yourself.... Why should anyone care about what you're saying? Is it interesting? Promising? Entertaining? Helpful? You may be directing them to a pot of gold, but how do you convince people to take the time and click on that link?
  • Learn how to copywrite. 280 characters. That's all you have. (Thank you, Twitter, for the extra characters!)
  • Take time to RT other tweets, or post about their work, doing something extra for those who RT yours often.
  • Be appreciative and return the favor where and when you can.
  • Establish yourself within the industry first before you target the rest of the world. Connect with your fellow authors/bloggers.
  • Care about other people's dreams, not just yours. Be helpful.
  • Be consistent. Use free 3rd party tweeting services if you don't have the time to post regularly yourself.
  • Don't ASK, ASK, ASK. Give first, and then maybe, you can ask and they'd be happy to help.
  • Connect with influencers if you don't have enough followers yet. How? Share what they're sharing.
  • Thank you is appreciated... But RT is BETTER.
The way you behave on Twitter clearly shows your intention... and Twitterdom will respond and give you back what you deserve.

Do good and you'll see people returning the favor... sometimes. They probably haven't read this post yet. Do share!

Don't care and you'd have to buy your followers from the peddlers floating around to jack up those numbers.

And you know that as an author or blogger, buying followers composed of people who are not engaged with you (or are not even real), does not help your marketing efforts at all. They're useless.

The best strategy is to be REAL. Just ask yourself, what do YOU want?... and then proceed to do it for others first. So much like life, don't you think?

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