Review of Accept No Trash Talk by Traci Lawrence

I was given a free copy of Accept No Trash Talk for an honest review, and I sat down to read it with reservations. Most books with a title like this often preach to you, and I really hate that. But from the moment the author introduced the book, you can tell that this one is different. It is a book that's firmly rooted on the ground. It discusses many of the issues that keep us from realizing our own potentials and the author does this by giving examples based on her own personal experience and from the life stories of regular and famous people. Got a lot of interesting trivia from those examples.

It's a mind-opening read and I loved it because the author's words are all true. They are not concepts, dogma or philosophies, but truths which will help many people realize why they are not reaching their own potential. What are the reasons? Are they even aware of these reasons and how they may be reacting to it?

As a non-fiction author, I strive for my books to have the same mind changing effect to my readers. I'd have to say that Traci Lawrence did a good job with Accept No Trash Talk. If you've had enough of the negativity in your life and you want to make a positive change, this book will clear away those cobwebs in your head. Like she said, the moment that you can start conceiving the possibility of change, then you're on the road to achieving it. Highly Recommended.


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