Review of Reconstructing Roman by Sandra S. Kerns

I started reading this latest offering from Sandra Kerns with anticipation... I expected a relaxing romantic evening with her characters and as always, it did not disappoint. Reconstructing Roman is a complete meal - romance, an intriguing mystery, a dark hero needing to be loved and a strong beautiful heroine. I finished the book in one sitting. It's easy to fall in love with Roman, a man who has been bullied by his own father in the past and showed scars from it. I could relate to Kaia, a stubborn and determined woman, who just wanted to go back to her roots and live a new life. I even fell in love with Copernicus, the little dog, and I don't really like small dogs, in truth! That dog made the story more endearing, really. A wonderful blend of characters made it a super enjoyable read.

Kaia and Roman didn't mean to fall in love. They found themselves connected through a mystery that has caused pain and heartbreak in their family. Now both of them are in danger, and they have to find out what's really going on. In the process, they find themselves protecting each other and well... love blossomed. I would take the time to reconstruct a man like Roman. Bruised by life but still capable of deep love and loyalty. I admire that. Come to Mama, Roman. :)

Sandra Kerns did it again. Want a romantic but thrilling read? This is it.

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