1st Year Author Anniversary

It has been a year since I published my first eBook, In Loving You... and what an unbelievable and lesson-filled journey it has been. One year ago, Eeva Lancaster was born.

A series of unfortunate circumstances made me venture into freelancing and publishing. I didn't have a plan. I simply wanted to write and purge... and earn a little something on the side. I wasn't sure where I wanted to go, really. But it was one of those times when you felt like a change was due. So, I jumped off the cliff with nothing but my faith that I'll find my way somehow.

I resigned from my day job, giving everyone around me an anxiety disorder. For a while there, they must have thought my mom's passing had driven me nuts. Maybe they still think that way. No one can see what I've done all these months. What I've accomplished. What I've made of Eeva. But I know... and that's what matters. 

I was aware that when I quit my day job, everyone thought it was an irresponsible move. Resigning from a high paying job to become a writer? What a loony! What about all her responsibilities? It saddened me, that they had so little faith even though I've been a good responsible little girl all these years. Stripped of my titles and my monthly paycheck, did I become a different person? Was I somehow diminished?

But I believed in what I was doing, and stuck to my decision. I got kind of depressed for a while, feeling like I was less than who I was before.

I was out to prove something. So, failure was unacceptable. And really, I absolutely hate being depressed. It makes me angry when I feel that way, and angry is good. Anger and the desire to find a new niche for myself spurred me on, and I used these feelings to drive me to my goal.

So, like a maniac, I learned as fast as I could. I focused on my freelancing projects, and read everything I could about publishing. I was a sponge. After a few months,  my efforts started paying off.

I've published two books for my Now What? series since then. Slow, I know. But my books are just hobbies. The sales I get from them won't feed me and pay my bills. The Book Khaleesi does that, so I devote more of my time helping other writers publish their books. I write for myself when I have time, a way for me to share my own thoughts.

After several months, I've replaced my old title, Executive Assistant to the President. Now they're Freelance Writer, Editor and Book Designer... I can add more if I wanted to! I'm proud of these titles. I worked my ass off to earn them.

But, I'm doing these things as Eeva Lancaster. When someone asks me or my husband what I do, it can still get kind of tricky coming up with a suitable answer. So I guess, to some people, I'm still that irresponsible person who quit her day job to write. 

But that's ok. Knowing that I've helped many authors publish and improve their work is enough for me. I totally enjoy it. I'm earning enough to replace my old income. That's all I can ask of myself. 

I have to thank my community, The Alliance of Self Published Authors, for being my adopted brothers and sisters in this journey. Belonging to a group made a difference. Writing and publishing online can be a lonely job, which is why I started the group in the first place. Only those who are walking the same path as you, would understand the challenges and the victories. Through my group, I was able to acquire a deeper perspective of the industry, and this helped me branch out to other things, which led to the creation of my own Author Services site.

A year ago, I didn't know that the road I was on would lead to this. Which just goes to show, that when you set your eyes on a goal, if you're willing to do the time, if you surround yourself with good people, and most important of all, if you believe in yourself... you can make things happen.

To the authors I've worked with, it has been an honor and a privilege to have played a small part in the realization of your dreams. Looking forward to more of your books. :)

I want to thank you most of all, the readers, for reading the stuff that comes out of my head. A writer without a reader, is a lonely writer indeed. 

To celebrate, I'd like to give you my freelancing book for free. It's not a bad idea to have an extra source of income, right? :) The book will be available for FREE until Nov. 1. Hope you enjoy it!

After you read it, I'd appreciate if you can take some time to leave a review on any of the sites below. You know how it is, we self-pubs need reviews to convince readers to take a chance on our books.

Thanks again, for everything.

Here's to many more years of fine writing and good books.

Never stop learning... and don't let anything stop you from going after what you want.


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