Review of Sexpossessed by Ian Saul Whitcomb

I started reading thinking, Oh it's the usual erotic supernatural story. But from the first page, I was hooked. The words dragged me along like a strong current I couldn't escape from, not that I would want to. In the beginning, it was the usual erotic paranormal story. Tim's girlfriend wanted him to do something to her (which I won't mention here). He finds a way to divert her and ended up with an amulet that contained a soul. Wear it while having sex and the ghost will possess the wearer. Ho hum... Same old, right? But then it worked, and the ghost of Julia entered their lives. Tim and Liv obviously didn't think things through. Now they can't get rid of her. To do so, Tim needed to have sex with her, a gazillion times it seemed, and make her pregnant with his seed so she can birth herself and be free of the amulet. But how? She was dead. They needed to go to the afterlife, in the Dionysian fields, so they can have physical contact. And this is where the story got really interesting.

As the story progressed, I was astounded by the imagination required to come up with the characters and scenarios. Yes, it was highly erotic, with graphic sex scenes that a sensitive reader wouldn't appreciate, but it had more
meat than that. So much more! It was a fantasy filled with original characters you never expected to read about in an erotic book! There's Bubbles the mermaid, for one. Whitcomb's mind is so deliciously convoluted and you have no choice but to go where he takes you. Sexpossessed is like an erotic The Wizard of Oz. But never did it become confusing or disjointed in any way. Smooth storytelling from beginning to end, with characters that'll amuse you and grow on you.

Hands down, it's one of the most original and entertaining book I've read in my whole life. And I have read thousands of books in the past 30 years. Having sex with a witch with a cloaca.... and if you knew how Tim hated germs...

What an awesome writer. Read it and have fun.

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