Erotic Books Worth Reading - HOT but not SMUT

I will update this list when I read a good Erotic Romance worth raving about. I like them hot but classy, honest and with a storyline that doesn't read like porn. That could get tiring sometimes. 

These are some of the Eroticas I've read and enjoyed. Check them out.

LOST & BOUND (The Dream Dominant Collection) by Pandora Spocks

This book will be released on Jan. 31 and if you love erotica, this is a must read. Well, all her books are. Lost & Bound is part of Pandora's Dream Dominant Collection, light BDSM romance novels. It's fascinating and she writes so naturally.

In Lost & Bound, Actress and brat Shasta Pyke finds herself in a wilderness camp after an embarassing scene with her ex-boyfriend. Either agree to that or spend time in jail. She meets Blake, a wilderness counselor and dominant. Blake recognized the lost girl in Shasta, and invites her to be his submissive - not so he can dominate her in a bad way, silly. Dream dominants take good care of their baby girls, and they're usually strong, accomplished and sensitive men.

For ADULTS only. The love scenes are HOT as Blake introduces Shasta to his type of lovemaking. On the other hand, the romance is deeply touching. What I like most about Pandora's Dream Dominant books, is that the romance tackles deeper needs than the regular romance novels. These needs are not so different from yours and mine, and it's easy to relate to her well developed characters, if you can get past your... inhibitions.

Get your copy. Absolutely recommended.

GAY GREENHORN by Patient Lee

I surprised myself by liking this story so much. I read it as part of Patient Lee's erotic gay stories collection, OUT. But of all the stories there, this is what I enjoyed the most. So, it's what I'm including in this rave review.

Gay Greenhorn is a coming out story that happens in a fishing vessel, a very male environment. Admitting you're gay is hard enough, but to realize that in an atmosphere that doesn't welcome any sort of perceived male weakness, my heart went out to the poor man. The dialogue is so realistic and the way Patient Lee told the story was heart touching.

After reading this, I conclude that I like gay male stories rather than lesbian stories. Maybe it's because I'm intrigued at what goes on in a male to male relationship. I found it incredibly erotic.

Try it out. Don't be surprised if it makes you cry too.


WOW. Talk about hot.

This is a short story of an unhappy housewife who finds herself attracted to her biker neighbor. She knows she's being bad, but they couldn't resist the temptation.

I think men write erotica much better than women do. The pacing is better and the emotions build up without any fluff blocking the way. I've read G.S. Bailey's other books and he really evokes that kind of response. And then, he ends in such a romantic happy ever after. Definitely worth reading if you wan't to have a few hours of quivers, shivers and fun.

TOKYO: A JOB WITH A VIEW by Fionna Guillaume

What an awesome read... snappy writing, scenes hotter than Venus, and lovable characters. These are the things that make Fionna Guillaume's books so much more than regular erotica. EVERY SINGLE BOOK of hers has given me hours of pure entertainment.

A Job with a View takes you to Tokyo where Cassidy accepts a job as an administrative assistant/escort/whatever the client wants. She's excited and nervous, not knowing what to expect. From here, the author gives us a tour of Tokyo, as Cassidy experiences the city for the first time. We get to see what the new job is about. The erotic scenes are wildly imaginative, typical of her books. Her descriptions of Tokyo makes you want to jump on a plane and see for yourselves. It's more than erotica, much more. Highly recommended read if you want some fun and excitement for a few hours.

LUKE & BELLA (The Dream Dominant Collection) by Pandora Spocks

Have you ever wondered why people were so attracted to BDSM? This sexy but taboo and whispered about concept of domination and submission? Many people are interested in the topic, judging from the success of Fifty Shades of Grey. But only in secret. Me included. I've never really delved into the world of BDSM to try and understand the WHYs behind it. 

I now understand the emotion and purpose behind Knee Time from this story. It was attractive and sexy and fascinating. And I have a better appreciation now of why some people are into it, and why some would try it if they had the opportunity. 

Pandora Spock's characters are always professionals. Independent, strong-willed women, and attractive, accomplished men any woman would be happy to submit to. (Hold your horses, women's lib) Bella Grant, a journalist, and Luke McGillicutty, a photographer, were thrown together when they were both assigned to a new travel program. There was attraction, hyped up by the beautiful places they had to travel to for the show. But Luke had a secret. He was a Dom and he wants to make Bella his Sub. Will a woman like her agree to be dominated? The convincing part is the core of the story. Yummy.

Even though it's erotica, there's nothing smutty about this book. Pandora Spocks writes with class. Her writing is crisp, intelligent - it's hard to describe how a writing can be intelligent, you just feel it - and totally enjoyable. She's in a class of her own in the romance/erotica genre. If E.L. James was a better writer, she'd have written Fifty Shades like Pandora Spocks - and it would have been a better book.

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