COVER REVEAL of Innocent Ride by Alethea Robertson

Alethea is new to the indie world and I'm proud to be revealing the cover of her novel, Innocent Ride, a romantic fantasy. To be released on January 23 on Amazon.

Designed by The Book Khaleesi

She may be new in the publishing world, but this is definitely not her one and only book. I know cause I designed not only this cover... but 4 others.

An innocent ride. That’s all it was supposed to be…

Candace Stone is a hopeless romantic waiting for her happy-ever-after. Maybe that’s why she’s still single. Robbie Curtis has always been the guy friend that Candy looks after at work, and generally doesn’t think about. When he takes her for a ride on his new motorcycle, she doesn’t expect it to be more than a break from their usual routine. She doesn’t expect to want to do it again. And she certainly doesn’t expect the wave of changes that will go through her entire workplace, or the tiny bit of magic that will help them along. 

Sometimes, a single ride can change everything…

Get to know author ALETHEA ROBERTSON

What sort of stories do you write about and why did you choose that genre? 

Story-telling has my passion for years. Only recently, I’ve decided to follow my heart. Most things I write center around love. And magic.

If you think about it, love is a force beyond comprehension with the power to control even the strongest of wills. It can blind you, tempt you, deny you, and lure you to the darker side of things. And yet, it’s the force behind the greatest miracles. Love can be found everywhere, and it can take you anywhere.

Moreover, when I write, I love to question the norm and challenge the odds. These things, you’ll find in my stories.

For these reasons my pen goes wherever my heart and curiosity lead me, which includes anything from fairy tale love stories to magical realism romance novels, biker love stories, epic fantasy….

I love to write paranormal witches and wizards romance. And even the grand world-building of science fiction, so long as love and the human element can be found there, and the deeper questions are explored.

Tell us about Innocent Ride and your other books.

Innocent Ride is more of a clean romance with a fine thread of magic weaved throughout. Though there is a witch involved, she is not the focus of the story. It’s really a fun, quick and easy read that takes you on a little romance adventure. What I enjoy most is the love and connection between all the characters involved in this story.

What are you currently working on?

Each of my stories stands alone, so they’re not part of a series. Having said that, however, they are each connected to another through at least one character. For instance, I’ve recently written a short paranormal romance of the star-crossed lovers’ variety, Catherine. It’s a short story, which I feel falls into the fairy tale love stories category. 

It’s really a witch love story with magic and ghosts, and perhaps something not quite so obvious, but you’ll have to wait until the end to see what I mean. That one I suspect most won’t get unless they read the novel.

Catherine happens to be the history of two supporting characters in an upcoming paranormal love triangle I’m working on now. It explores the dark side of matter, if you know what I mean. It’s deep and probing, and intensely seductive…

I’m also currently writing an explicit paranormal vampire romance, though it’s not an erotica. It does, however, involve magic, witches and wizards, vampires, and…a very dark and powerful force of the most addictive nature…

One such character in this novel has a much bigger role in another. Everyone has a story, after all…. This one is nearly ready.

Sounds interesting. I love Vampires. Where can we find you?

My website is

Thank you for trusting me with your cover designs, Alethea, and for your time.

Catherine, a paranormal romance by Alethea Robertson

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