Eeva Interviews Lacy Andersen, Author of the Aya Harris Series

Lacy Andersen is a client of mine and I've had the pleasure of proofing and formatting her books. She's here on Authors to Watch for the simple fact that Lacy is a superb urban fantasy and paranormal romance writer. I loved the Aya Harris series and Heart of a Demon. You will too. Working on them was like taking a vacation. (Shhh... don't tell her I said that.)

I highly recommend her books to fantasy readers. Get to know Lacy and her books.

What books have you published so far, and why did you choose that genre?

I've published 3 books under my pen name, Lacy Andersen. Two books in the Aya Harris Collection and then Heart of a Demon. I chose to write fantasy because that's what I love! I grew up alongside Harry Potter, devoured Anne McCaffrey books, collected the Piers Anthony books, and chose to continue my love of fantasy by creating my own magic.

How did you become a writer?

As often is the case with us nerdy writer folks, I started writing when I was very young on my parents' computer. I believe my first novel was about a unicorn, a cute shirtless guy, and a troubled girl. Not bad. But eventually, I went to college, majored in English, and then got my MFA in writing. I can't pinpoint the exact moment I became a writer - but I have the sneaking suspicion I have always been one.

What do you think readers will enjoy the most about the Aya Harris series?

My character, Aya, is not a simpering kind of heroine. But she's not the totally snarky kind either. She's a young woman trying to make her way in the world with a past that's working against her. I think readers will enjoy a real down-to-Earth character and a fun world full of monsters and magic and trouble.

Is there a Book 3 in the pipeline?

Definitely! I'm wrapping up the trilogy very soon. Book three is in the works. 

*** Book 3 is now on my desk. One of the perks of my work, eh?

What are your thoughts on self publishing? What steps do you take before releasing a book?

I love that self-publishing is an opportunity today. While I still feel like a lot of people look down on it, I've made it my sort of mission to prove that it can be a perfectly awesome way to find readers and create a market for yourself. Before releasing a book, I go through several rounds of self-editing which includes a round of reading the book out loud. This helps smooth out any awkward bumps. I always send it through my proofreader (The Book Khaleesi!) and then make sure to get an eye-catching cover. I've started lining up marketing for releases now, as well. My newest book, Heart of a Demon, just came out on kindle, January 2nd. The print version was already been released so that I can gather reviews prior to the ebook release. This is my first time doing it that way, so I hope it'll really amp up that first thirty day surge. 

How are you selling your books? What is your marketing strategy?

Right now, I'm only on Amazon. I'd like to go wide in the future to other book sellers, but for now I'm sticking with Amazon. That's part of my marketing strategy. As a new author, being in Kindle Unlimited helps me stick higher in the book rankings. Until I can build a huge following, I'll be taking advantage of everything Amazon can offer to me that'll help me find my new readers. 

A sound marketing plan. What advise can you give other Indie authors?
Just get the book done. Don't bother with the tiny details when you haven't written the book. Sit down every single day, even for just a half hour, and try to write at least 500 words. You'll have your book written in no time.

Tell us about Lacy Andersen, the woman? What moves you?

What moves me is my love for literature, my love of entertainment, my love of strong female characters, and my love for my daughter. I'd like to live in a world some day where the only tragedy and horror can be found in the pages of a thrilling book. I know that's not realistic, but that doesn't keep me from hoping and praying. If my stories can provide some sort of refuge for someone dealing with problems in their lives, then I have been successful. 

If you could be someone else, who would you choose to be?

I'm not sure I've ever considered this question before, but off the top of my head I have to say Jennifer Lawrence. Part of me has always wanted to be a movie star. She's awesome, talented, gorgeous, and extremely cool. Or maybe I just want to be friends with her - who knows? 

What's with Jennifer Lawrence? My husband is infatuated with her too!   

What is your favorite quote and why?

For now, my favorite quote would have to be by the legendary Joss Whedon: 

"I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I'm afraid of." I feel like this is a big part of why I write. Through my characters, I get to have adventures, create big mistakes, and ultimately, save the world. Through my writing, I can escape my quiet life for a while and be all the things I want to be."

Thanks for the interview, Lacy!

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