Review of Clobbering the Procrastination Monster by Cary David Richards

Clobbering the Procrastination Monster by Cary David Richards is one of the best self help books I've read in a long time. The author effectively discussed the many ways procrastination affects our lives, and what we can do to keep the monster at bay. Unlike most self help books that are too idealistic, the tips and guides in this book are realistic and easy to practice. The author discusses the boring subject of procrastination in a light and humorous way. It's a page turner. There were many, "Hey, that's Me" moments. I recommend this book if you're interested in self improvement and increasing your efficiency. 

This is what non-fiction books should be. It makes you think, without making you feel guilty. You walk away with new ideas and realizations. You have actionable items not just theories and statistics. It gives you something! I loved the book... and the slimer on the cover. You can tell that it was published with great care. 


You might want to check out his other book too;

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