Review of Prophecy of the Seven Bottles by Scott Troy Kovarik

In Prophecy of the Seven Bottles, Scott Troy Kovarik skillfully combines ancient knowledge and modern technology to come up with a believable story that aims to lift you spiritually. Seven bottles were released into a world that's about to end. If you find one of the bottles, will you heed the wisdom it offers? When we finally invent a super computer with artificial intelligence, will it be able to decipher the mysteries of the ages and show us a better way to live? Highly recommended if you're into esoteric and arcane knowledge. If you're not, it's a good introduction. There are many things between heaven and earth that we don't know about.


Did I Like It?

Yes, it was worth spending time on. It's mostly because I enjoy reading about the end of the world, AI and ancient knowledge. I didn't like the "preachy" parts, but I guess it's totally appropriate.The lead character is supposed to stop the end of the world and lead people to wisdom! He should be preachy. It could use more details. The idea about the seven bottles though, is one I haven't read before.

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