Editor's Review of Oblivion (Book 2 of the Awakener Series) by R.E.S. Tidmore

Image of Oblivion cover, Edited by Eeva LancasterI edited the 2nd book of the Awakener Series and I must tell you that it's one of the most entertaining fantasy book released by an Indie Author - and it's not only due to my editing mojo. :) The story and the characters are well developed.

The Awakener Series is the story of Leora, the Awakener of Souls and her Circle of Advisors. The most powerful soul ever created, her task is to bring souls back to their life purpose. If you're feeling depressed, unfulfilled and unhappy, that means that Leora has not awakened and has been unable to do her job. You are not in your rightful path in life. That's the thing.... Leora and her Advisors can die, they're reborn and they need to be awakened first. Otherwise, they are driven to madness by the visions and memories of their past lives. They're like angels in a sense, guiding our life journeys. Without them, many of us become Lost Souls.

Awaken, Book 1, is the story of Leora's awakening. The Council of Souls, the demons in this case, try to prevent that and have succeeded in killing Leora before she awakened to her powers - for many lifetimes. It's the story of her reunion with Gavin, a Leecher, and unknown to her, the man she's bonded with. A couple who's bonded are destined to find each other through eternity. Theirs is a love that transcends time and space. When they find each other, they can tap into each other's powers and strengthen the other.

Oblivion, is the story of Darron, Leora's brother and a Hunter, and the awakening of their mother, Rachel, the Seer. Leora needs to complete her Circle of Advisors so they can face the Council of Souls and remove them from power. While rescuing Rachel, Darron meets Tabitha. They don't know what her purpose is and why she was guarding Rachel. The story revolves around their unlikely relationship and the challenges they had to resolve. To add more spice and suspense to the story, Leora is pregnant, and her child was foreseen to bring about something nobody wants. Yeah, I can't tell you more.

This series is a page turner and an enjoyable read. There is no scene that is not relevant to the story, and it just flows. Before you know it, you're looking for the next book. It's a fantasy, a spicy romance and a supernatural adventure. The characters are endearing and the love stories of the bonded couples are touching. While editing, I shed tears in some scenes. Their stories awakened something in me. The need for a love that will endure anything.

Highly recommended. Awaken is free on Amazon and other book retailers. Book 3 is on its way.

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