Review of Wounded Animals by Jim Heskett

The story  of the Whistleblower Trilogy began with a mysterious stranger, Kareem, giving Tucker Candle a warning. Who is he? How was he able to bring the dead rat back to life or turn water into wine? Ok so that's what got me hooked. It hinted of the supernatural and I love that. When Candle didn't heed the stranger's warning, a series of unfortunate and unreasonable events started happening. Think of Job of the bible and you get the idea. He's helpless to control the downward spiral of his life and he tries to make sense of it.

Wounded Animals is written in the first person so the author was able to convey the main character's frustration effectively. I so wanted to get to the bottom of the story too, so I read the book in record time... Reminds me of the days when I read nothing but Jeffrey Archer's books. The writing is crisp and high quality... even humorous on some parts. The editing is almost perfect and a reader won't be distracted from the story by technical errors. Highly recommended for lovers of mystery thrillers. A book worth reading.

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