Review of Ever Since April by G.S. Bailey

This is my favorite book of the Mystery Loves Romance Series. For matured readers only. 

Ever Since April is a sweet and romantic read with splashes of steamy
love scenes beautifully written by the author G.S. Bailey. It will make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy and your toes curl... yup, that's for sure. This book has class. It's not only a romance but a mystery novel too. Think Sidney Sheldon and Joan Collins combined. 

April and Jason were childhood friends, and they had something way back then, though April was just playing around. Jason was totally enamored with her, but he had to move and they didn't see each other for many years. A mystery in his old home town brought Jason back. A woman's bones were dug up in the soccer field and an old case was reopened. Now an investigator, he was assigned to the case. He wondered if he would see April. He never forgot about her all these years.
When they met again, the chemistry was still there. But April is married... and he just got divorced. Complicated. The story revolves around the quest to solve the mystery of the soccer field bones and the romance between April and Jason. It was refreshing to meet Kate and Clair again in the story, from G.S Bailey's first 2 books before this.

I love the location of the Mystery Loves Romance series. It's like taking a vacation when you read them, and discovering romance and passion along the way. I've concluded that male romance authors have a different approach to love stories and hot scenes... and I like it. I thoroughly enjoyed A Woman for Jason. Good story, good writing, good editing... Totally satisfying. 

This book hits all the right spots (pardon the cliche).

Can't wait for the next one.

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