Review of Your Leadership Edge by Ravinder Tulsiani

I was pleasantly surprised at how good this book is. Your Leadership Edge is written in a clear and concise manner, with assessments and actionable items that can help leaders improve their management skills. Being a leader myself, I found most of the points in the book accurate - and I walked away with a clearer idea of my management style and which skills I can improve on. As an Executive Assistant, my work is focused on assisting leaders. I hate to say that a lot of them will benefit from reading this book.

New leaders need to have this book in their arsenal. It can help them understand their teams better and learn how to bring out their full potential. It contains simple assessments that can help identify strengths and weaknesses. Highly recommended for leaders old and new!


Did I Like It?

I've reviewed many non-fiction books. Most of them leave you with nothing but concepts and stories. Your Leadership Edge is an example of a non-fiction book that works. As a non-fiction writer, I aim for my books to have the same effect. It offers additional value to readers and helps them improve an aspect of their life.

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