Where's My Next Book??

I advise authors to write and publish regularly, yet it's been 7 months since I released my last book. It frustrates me no end, that I can't finish "You want to be an Online Freelancer... Now What?" But a comment from a friend made me realize that I am first and foremost a professional freelancer - being an author only comes 2nd in my list of priorities. 

You want to be an Online Freelancer... Now What?
I'm a Writer and I do write. I get paid per word. I probably write more than 20k words a week. 
I do have other books published, only they're not under my name, since I'm a ghostwriter. Freelancing is my bread and butter. I gave up a high paying day job to devote myself to this. Though I have many books stuck in my head... needing to be written, they have to wait. I have so many projects. The reason that I'm writing my next book, is the same reason I'm unable to finish it. I'm a successful freelancer. Plagued with a problem that I dare not complain about - I have so many projects and just one ME. 

But I really want to release my next book soon. So, I'll finish what I have on my plate and take a break. It's just hard to turn away projects.. you know.... it's like saying no to income!

Don't tell me to walk my talk. I am. Just not in the way you think. :)

I've never had writer's block. Never. What I have is WRITER OVERLOAD. And I need to purge soon.

Just a little more patience my baby... you will be more than just a cover soon.

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