Review of Genetically Privileged - Redux by A.W. Daniels

The manipulaton of the human DNA and the possible results when Science breaks the code, is one of my favorite topic. Next to AIs. So I got a copy. 

Genetically Privileged - Redux begins with the story of an infertile couple who longed to have a child. They approached a friend who ran a successful infertility clinic and they were able to conceive. What they weren't aware of was that the clinic was involved in a secret government project - and they manipulated the human DNA, producing a new breed of enhanced humans. Called Homo Selectus, they're what we could be if we survived long enough to evolve, better in so many ways. But if we could manipulate our DNA, why wait so long? We can fast forward evolution and eradicate sickness, weaknesses and reach our full potential. But are we ready for it?

Being the first book of a series, the story is not complete. It introduced the characters and told their story. It hints of the government's involvement in the project and what they were planning to use it for. It left me hungry for more. I definitely need to read the second book to satisfy my need to see the story through. I want to see how Homo Selectus can change the world and in what way. Why? Cause this is our future, whether we like it or not. It's not a matter of If, but When.

Intelligent and Intriguing. I was afraid that I'd find it shallow since I'm used to reading the work of Arthur C. Clarke. But, it succeeded in whetting my appetite. 

A recommended read.

The 2nd book of the series, Genetically Conflicted is also Available on Amazon

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