You Label Yourself

Most people give the excuse that life has put them at a disadvantage for one reason or another, and that this justifies their actions and way of thinking. I can't blame them. Society is cruel, and if you're not made of stronger stuff, it can make you feel victimized and oppressed. It can kill our spirit.

But I believe that we are the ones who attach negative labels to our self. Some of the things that happen to us in this life are beyond our control, but how we accept them or what we do with them, is our choice.

However, we often get stuck focusing on the labels. We're depressed, we're ugly, we're sick, we're poor, we're abused, we're bullied, we're from a broken family, from a different culture, from a different religion.... the labels are many. There are enough to weigh you down for several lifetimes.

We focus on these labels and choose from them, and we stick it on our foreheads. Like a collection. That may sound harsh and unfeeling, but think about it. How many times have we adopted a label and nurtured it unknowingly? What do I mean by nurtured? We kept it alive by acknowledging it, feeding it, tilling the ground from which it grows. When at any point in time, we had the power to say, that's not all I am - and proceeded to do something about it.

Easier said than done, I know. So, we take the easy way out and just hide behind these negative affirmations.

But, what we call disadvantages are a part of the challenges we face in this thing called life. Shit happens. Life's not fair. From the moment we were born, naked, and unable to walk, we were at a disadvantage. How's that fair? We're all different. This diversity is what makes us flourish. It's what makes life interesting. I look at it as an opportunity to gain experiences and learn... and grow.

But many see this diversity as an injustice. We cower from the challenges and use the labels we tag ourselves with as an excuse to not face these challenges. And we restrict ourselves. We stop ourselves from being happy, by embracing these labels. When we accept it as our fate and just give in.

"This is all I am... What more can I do"?

When I fall into a pit and the labels weigh me down and keep me from crawling out, I remind myself that I don't have a corner on pain. Yes, I may be hurting and having a hard time, but it doesn't entitle me to anything. People are dying from thirst and hunger, but here I am typing on my laptop... what's my excuse for being miserable? It's like a bucket of cold water poured on my head. It snaps me out of my self indulging, self pitying thoughts.

We only have one life. If there are others waiting for us, I don't know. What I'm sure about is I only have this life. 70 years if I'm lucky... and fuck it if I'm going to let life tag me as this and that. I am who I decide to be, and society can agree with me or not. It's not their decision to make...

We need to remove these labels and free ourselves. 

Have a little courage. Change is difficult... but our biggest obstacle is our self, our pessimistic and negative thoughts. It's not life that's bringing us down. Life doesn't care what we do. If it did, we would be living in a perfect world. It doesn't owe us anything. And it will go on with or without you.

But YOU care,... it's YOUR life. YOU live it every single day... and you owe it to yourself, to be happy and fulfilled. 

Life for me is like the books I write. I alone will decide what story will be written on its pages... and how that story will end.

You choose your story. We only have once chance. Take yours.

Do not go gentle into that good night...
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

- Dylan Thomas

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