Review of One More (A Solar Maximum Novel) by Author Lance Haynes

On Twitter, I call myself a Devourer of Books. This friendly author messaged me and said, I MUST devour HIS book. I told him I loved devouring books more if it's free. He gave me a copy. Now, that's what I call people skills. He was interesting and friendly, and caught attention. So I read his book which he promised would satiate my appetite. It surely did.

I've read many books from Indies and One More is one of the best stories I've read so far. Indie authors never fail to astound me. I must acknowledge that there are a lot of trashy books out there, that's why when I read a good one, I endorse it. Just like One More by author Lance Haynes.

The writing is crisp and tight, but at the same time, the writer effectively describes sceneries and emotions with such depth that you can't help but feel entangled in the story. That's rare. I've edited many books where writers overuse words in their effort to effectively describe something. This author has a way with words, no doubt about it. I'm starting off with that point because "tight" and "crisp" are words rarely used to describe a self published book. Especially one that's self-edited. Sure there were a few typos, but very few to even be noticeable.

One More is the story of a man fighting his inner demons. I can see Denzel Washington as the main character. The death of his son and financial failures have brought him to a dark place, and his life and marriage were falling apart.

While on a surveying trip, Richard Evans finally realizes what he must do to take control of his life once more. He couldn't wait to go back home and patch things up with his estranged wife and children.

Unfortunately, a solar surge occurred which brought down power grids and communication satellites. The whole world was in chaos. Still, Richard will not let anything stand in the way of reuniting with his family. The book goes on to chronicle Richard's experiences on his way back home. The people he met, and situations that will test any man's character. You will stay by his side and keep him company on his journey. You will want to know how the story will end. How can you leave him? He only wants to go home. Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest to accomplish

One More is a book that will touch you in many ways. An adventure into what life is really about. It gives you a realistic view of what humans are capable of, both good and bad. We all go through struggles, trying to be the best person we can be - and we all know, it's not that easy. I highly recommend One More. It has become one of my favorite self published book. The author is an exceptional writer.

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